There’s Levels to This Shit: Understanding the Layers of Black Rage


Black Millennials

Breaking: No indictment for killer cop in Eric Garner case.

Black rage is not a cursory resentment towards temporary situations. Black rage is not an ephemeral declaration of anti-racism. Black rage is not a momentary lapse in moral, political, economic, or social judgment.

Black rage is a durable sentiment built on centuries of racial injustice. Black rage is a dynamic emotional psyche that bridges mental health, spiritual awakening, and direct action together.

The other day, an acquaintance posted an infuriating status about how Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin should not be the martyrs for this growing movement against police brutality, racist vigilantes, and institutional racism because “evidence [simply] was not there to convince everybody.”

Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin Unworthy of Anger From Facebook. Jesus, take the wheel.

The acquaintance then followed up with more “clear cut” examples of Black men and children who should’ve been on the forefront of national consciousness.  The selective victimization of “good” Blacks versus “bad”…

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Black Girl


I absolutely love this

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my good friend whom over the years I’ve called my God sister. My God sister is a dark brown skin African American Woman and she happened to be watching a documentary called Dark Girlson Netflix last night. She mentioned it because she was watching the documentary on her phone and my call interrupted that. I mentioned to her that I had started watching the documentary when I was trying to gather different concepts and ideas for the documentary I had been planning to direct. As we were talking I gave my honest opinion and I said that I thought the documentary started off kind of slow to me but I would watch it again because I was juggling a lot at the time. She immediately said “well you wouldn’t understand because your one of the lighter skin girls with that curly hair.”…

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Black Lives Matter

Black men don’t give up on us, we value you. I personally believe that when a black man dates a white or latina woman, he does it to piss Black Women off, he isn’t with them because he truly likes them, he only dates them because that is what society has taught Black Men to do. When Black Women date white or latino men, we date them because we truly like them for them, the last thing we’re trying to do is piss our Black Men off but they just need to understand, we truly value them but we feel like some of them are giving up on us.